Coronavirus – CoVid-19


You will all no doubt be aware of concerns in the press regarding the spread of Coronavirus at public meetings and events. Presently there is no government advice directly available regarding events such as FTC, so we would ask all Members to exercise common sense if planning to attend future events. If you have recently visited locations that are known to have experienced an outbreak, please do not attend any of the events unless the recommended period of 14 days has lapsed with no symptoms becoming apparent. Also, if anyone in your workplace and/or immediate family are showing any symptoms, again please do not attend until the recommended period has passed. Whilst we will continue to run the events, unless advised to the contrary by the appropriate authorities or prevented by other circumstances, we cannot give any guarantees regarding the risk of infection of those attending. Those members with any underlying health issues may therefore wish to consider whether or not to attend. If you require further information, the following link may be of help: